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1. In the editor sent one carefully read through and signed by the author (co-authors) of the instance, information about the author / s, summary in Russian and English, key words in Russian and English, and an electronic version of all documents on floppy disk or by e-mail urvest @

2. Article taken into consideration only on condition that it complies with the originals to the author's articles (materials) "Bulletin UFD. Security in the information sphere ", posted on the website of the journal in the" Requirements "in the magazine's current issue.

3. Article logged executive secretary in the register of articles indicating the date, name, name author / s, places of work of the author / s. Article is assigned a unique registration number. This information as entered in the database. Executive secretary within 7 days of receipt inform the authors of the article.

Papers received by the editorial office, pass through the institution of peer review.

Forms review articles:

• internal (reviewed manuscripts to become a member of the Editorial Board);

• external (towards reviewing manuscripts of articles leading professionals in the industry).

4. The Executive Secretary of the article determines that the magazine's profile, the requirements for registration and, in the absence of a review, sends it for review to two experts, a doctor or a PhD, having the closest to the topic scientific specialization. The reviewer should be a recognized expert on the subject, which has for the last three years of the publication of peer-reviewed articles on the subject.

The reviewer may be a member of the editorial board or an external reviewer.

5. The reviewer should consider aiming for an article in 2 weeks of receipt and send it to the editor (by e-mail, mail) a reasoned refusal to review or review.

In a review of the following issues should be highlighted:

• whether the content of the article stated in the subject title;

• how the article meets the modern achievements of science and theoretical thinking;

• Whether the article is available to readers in which it is designed, in terms of language, style, material location, etc .;

• whether publication of the article is suitable in view of the previously released on the subject of literature;

• what exactly are the positive aspects, as well as articles disadvantages which corrections and additions need to be made by the author;

• conclusion about the possibility of publication of this manuscript in the journal "recommended," "recommended that in view of correcting the shortcomings noted by the reviewer" or "not recommended" for publication in the journal "Bulletin of the Ural Federal District. Security in the information sphere. "

Reviews shall be certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where he works reviewer.

6. After receiving the reviews decision about the publication or the refusal to publish articles.

If the article can be published after the finalization / taking into account comments - provides recommendations for revision / removal of comments if the article is not accepted for publication - the reasons for such a decision.

Article directed by the author to the editor after the elimination of the comments addressed in general terms. The logbook is a mark of the date of receipt of a new version of the article.

7. In the case of deviations from the publication of the article revision sends a reasoned refusal to the author.

Article not recommended for publication by the reviewer to re-examination is not accepted. The text of the negative reviews sent to the author by e-mail, fax or regular mail.

8. A copy of the positive reviews sent to the author. The presence of positive reviews is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on whether the publication is received editor in chief.

After deciding on the admission of an article for publication executive secretary shall inform the author and publication dates indicated.

9. Originals reviews are stored in the magazine "Herald of the Ural Federal District. Security information area "within 5 years.

10. The editorial board of "Journal of the Urals Federal District. Security in the field of information "send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editors of the corresponding request.