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By the decision of the Higher Certification Board, since December 1, 2015 the УUrFR Newsletter. Information SecurityФ journal has been included into the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications where the main research results for candidate's and doctor's theses should be published.

The Journal has its own International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2225-5435).

The Journal is included into "Russian Post" catalog under index 73848.


The journal is included in the system of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RINC), section of the GRNTI rubricator: 81.93.29 Information security. Data protection.


УUrFR Newsletter. Information SecurityФ is a periodical peer-reviewed subscription journal, founded by the resolution of the Coordination council of training (retraining) and the continuing professional development of specialists in information security in Ural Federal Region. 

The journal is issued once a quarter. The publications are formed gradually as the articles appear. The editorial board has a right to refuse the authorТs publication if the articleТs scientific level is not sufficient or it does not fit the research agenda. It also has a right to send the article back for improvements.
Original scientific works and review articles of Russian scientists dedicated to topical issues in information security and security in personal, state and social activities are published in the journal.


The structure of the journal includes 6 headings reflecting the current trends in the field of research on security issues in the information field:

Х Technical means and methods of information protection (issues of technical protection of information and information security of objects, automated systems and communication systems, the results of developments and experience in the use of new hardware and software, hardware information protection facilities, information security facilities, for possible information leakage, etc.)
Х Computer security (issues of information protection in computer systems, virology, the results of development and experience in the use of new means of protecting information from unauthorized access, software tools to ensure the integrity and availability of information, guaranteed destruction of information, etc.)
Х Mathematical methods in ensuring information security (issues of developing algorithms and methods for cryptographic protection of information, identifying, identifying and classifying threats to information security breaches, assessing the security of information and information security of facilities, forming complexes of countermeasures to information security threats, etc.)
Х Organizational and organizational and technical protection of information (issues of organization of audit and monitoring of the state of objects, management of information security of objects, the results of scientific and technical and economic research of problems of information protection in modern conditions, experience in developing and applying technical means of training information security professionals, work experience security services and training for them)
Х Legal regulation of information protection (issues of protection of state, commercial, professional, official secrets, intellectual property, personal data, etc., discussion of drafts and newly published regulatory legal and methodological documents regulating information protection activities)
Х Actual problems of cybersecurity (issues of information security of industrial automated systems and facilities, protection of key information infrastructure systems of critical facilities)
Х The direction of the journal fully corresponds to the scientific specialty
Х 05.13.19 Methods and systems of information security, information security
and the direction of training of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate study Х 10.06.01 Information security

The articles published in the journal are also taken into account by the Higher Attestation Commission for the following groups of specialties of scientific workers:
Х 05.12.00 Radio engineering and communication (05.00.00 Engineering)
Х 05.13.00 Computer Science, Computer Science and Management (05.00.00 Engineering Sciences)
Х 01.01.00 Mathematics (01.00.00 Physics and Mathematics)
Х 01.04.00 Physics (01.00.00 Physics and Mathematics)
Х 12.00.00 Juridical sciences
Areas of training of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate study, corresponding to the above groups of scientific specialties:
02.06.01 Computer and Information Sciences
09.06.01 Computer science and computer facilities
10.06.01 Information security
11.06.01 Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems
40.06.01 Jurisprudence


Published by ќќќ УSouth Ural Legal NewsletterФ


The journal is registered by The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media.

License ѕ» є ‘—77-44941 as of 05.05.2011.


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