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By the decision of the Higher Certification Board, since December 1, 2015 the “
UrFR Newsletter. Information Security” journal has been included into the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications where the main research results for candidate's and doctor's theses should be published.

The Journal has its own International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2225-5435).

The Journal is included into "Russian Post" catalog under index 73848.


The "Issues of Law" is included into Russian Science Citation Index  according to the agreement with Russian Scientific Electronic Library.


“UrFR Newsletter. Information Security” is a periodical peer-reviewed subscription journal, founded by the resolution of the Coordination council of training (retraining) and the continuing professional development of specialists in information security in Ural Federal Region. 

Original scientific works and review articles of Russian scientists dedicated to topical issues in information security and security in personal, state and social activities are published in the journal.

The journal is issued once a quarter. The publications are formed gradually as the articles appear. The editorial board has a right to refuse the author’s publication if the article’s scientific level is not sufficient or it does not fit the research agenda. It also has a right to send the article back for improvements.


The end the XX century in Russia was marked by the rapid advance in information technologies development, electronic communication, and computerization of all state and social structures. The XXI century is characterized by the total computerization and Internetization of the whole country. It seems that very soon computer and the Internet will be present in the lives of each and every family. The President of the Russian Federation has set the task of creating an “electronic government”. Moreover, Personal Information Act issued in 2006 included every Russian citizen in the electronic database.

The Internet has become universal means of getting and exchanging information, a great benefit for the citizen, society and business. At the same time the Internet has turned into a very dangerous instrument of illegal acts against the state and personal identity, if it is used by the hackers, criminal groups, nationalists or terrorists. The risks and threats to the informational security have escalated.

One of the recent examples is the scandalous story with WikiLeaks.

For this reason the creating of up-to-date information society where the most important values are the information and knowledge is impossible without taking care of information security. The developed informational society is crucial for creating a state of law.

Colleagues, I consider the foundation of the UrFR journal “Information security” the imperative of our era.

I would also like to point out that the very name of the journal sends us to the Doctrine of information security in the Russian Federation. It is obvious that the content of the journal must correlate with the Doctrine regulations. In any case, the overall direction of the editorial board will be based on the methods of maintaining informational security of the country: legal, technical, organizational and economic. These methods state the editorial classification and help the journal form the hierarchy of the headings.

We invite our colleagues to cooperate.

Your proposals on forming editorial calendar of the issues, headings and your creative ideas will help our journal grow.


The structure of the Journal consists of the following sections:






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